HostNetOne Technologies LLC, Refurbishing Division

Your One Stop For Quality Refurbished Computers

What We Do

HostNetOne LLC Pc Refurbishing Division focases on refurbishing computers for sale to individuals and small bussiness. we beleve that each home and small bussiness should be able to own a quality computer with a modern OS without haveing to spend a lot of money.

Refurbishing Process

We have a very specific and provin process for referbising computers

  • 1. Computers are inspected for visual defects.
  • 2. Serial numbers and model numbers are loged.
  • 3. Computer is cleaned with compressed air to remove all dust.
  • 4. Computer is powered up and tested, any missing or damaged components are replaced.
  • 5. Computer is upgraded to a help ensure maximum useable life.
  • 6. the cumputer is run through our diagnostics to verify they are fully functional.
  • 7. If original disks are with the computer the os is reinstalled or upgraded with windows vista or windows 7 depending on the computer
  • 8. All Disks and paperwork(product keys,diagnostic printouts,etc) are included with the computer when it is sold


We have a 6 month warranty on all hardware.


Hostnetone Technologies LLC is located in Sandersville,Ga

Our Address

HostNetOne Technologies LLC
Refurb Division
148 Cb Club rd